Chakra blanket

If you are a regular reader of these ramblings you will know that we like to recycle and reuse as many things as possible and prevent waste. Last year, when younger members of the family moved away to study, we wrote about making off to college blankets in this post.

Since then I have decided to set off on my own college adventure for a four year BA Hons. in Fine Art at IT Sligo. I have dreamt of studying art and drawing for many years and it is lovely to finally get the chance. I will stay for a few days every week in a small student apartment and wanted to bring something along to remind me of home. So I came up with the chakra blanket. A creation completely made out of wool remnants from others projects and odd balls found in the charity shop.

I think there is great inspiration for projects like this to be found in Nature. The above image shows a progression from yellow to green to blue…

I started writing this post some weeks ago and by now I spend most of my time in my student flat. We don’t have a lot of on campus time but the WiFi at home is just not up to scratch for online classes. So the blanket is a lovely reminder of home as I work on the course material during the week. In these uncertain times I think it is important to stay hopeful and happy. The bright colours work as an antidote to any unhappy or uncertain feelings. The colours of the individual chakras reminds me that I need to look after and be mindful of the whole of me and also all those around me.

As Ireland has entered another six weeks of lockdown I am grateful for the social bubble policy that allows me to come back home for the weekends and spend the rest of my time in my student flat. I am so busy with my studies that there is little to no time to spend worrying. I hope you find yourself in a similar hopeful and restful place. Stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Chakra blanket

  • Your blanket is a gloriously bright and sunny reminder of home. I’m glad that you are able to continue your studies despite the severe lockdown being experienced in Ireland just now.

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    • Yes it is great to be able to continue with my studies. We are allowed to be in a family bubble and I can return home at the weekends and spend some lovely time in nature. I have no time for the blog sadly as we have online lectures every day for many hours and the screen time is adding up, The course is lovely though and all the lecturers are great. I hope you are safe. I heard from my friends in Geelong the cases in Australia are way down by now. 🙂


      • We have been very lucky here in Australia. Finally the immediate threat is over for Victoria, and we have been really safe in our area (which is a long way from Victoria) with only four cases way back in March. I’ll look forward to reading more of your blog when you have time for it!

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