wales-241We, a family of six, live in the Irish countryside and enjoy forest gardening, growing vegetables, renovating and adding more spaces to our home. This blog follows our endeavours  as we always strive to live by the reduce, reuse and recycle motto.

Broken tiles, glass jars and bottles, old car tyres and straw are just some of the materials we find useful and will write about here.


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  • What an amazing garden! I liked your photograph of ‘London Pride’ and am including it in my blog with a link and comment to yours. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your progress. I am gardening under different circumstances but really like your ideas. I hope you will visit.

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  • Many thanks for your kind words! I went straight to visit your blogs. Lovely photographs and very interesting places to look at. Thank you for sharing our photograph of the London pride. It has really taken off this year.


  • Hi myself and some friends wish to use the wall you made and installed in supervalu to write messages of support to syrian community – we’re going to head out there at 2pm today – please get in touch we’re looking to reach out to this community and would like to write messages on your wall – – please let us know if you mind


    • Hello David. Many thanks for getting in touch. The wall was only in Supervalu for one day and filled up with messages then. Now it is installed in the Hotel where the Syrians will be staying. I’m sorry that there is no more space left for writing on it . If you wish to volunteer or help out in any way you can contact the “Welcome to Roscommon” movement of Facebook for more information. ❤


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