A wall with a difference.

If you are considering building a low wall for a conservatory or greenhouse, this might be a viable option for you. We built the front wall of our conservatory with tyres, stones and some chicken wire for very little cost, both to us and the environment. To make the wall stable it is important to ram the tyres with earth and spend a good bit of time pounding the earth with a sledgehammer. You can read more about building with tyres in this post here.


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Saving a piece of history.

We are happy to be at a stage when it is time to furnish our conservatory. We acquired an old wooden trunk from a friend, and decided it would make a perfect table. It had been spending many years in a shed and unfortunately some wood worm had got into parts of it. The first step in our saving operation was to treat it with wood preserver. We did that outside in the summer and left the trunk in our shed for a few months to make sure there was no live woodworm left.The long pieces on the bottom needed replacing.


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