Building the greener dream.

We moved into our cottage in January 2013. Even before we bought it, we had decided that we would add a round house extension to it, with a reciprocal roof. These types of houses have been built for thousands of years, mainly in China and Japan. It is a very economical and environmentally sound way of building, and can be adapted to suit many climates and site conditions. We would like to share our experience of the build with our readers here, in case someone would like to embark on a similar project.

summer 2014 784

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Kokedama moss balls with a twist.

Kokedama 125

Last year we were given some lovely Pelargonium cuttings from a friend to add to our pelargonium collection. They all spent the summer outside, but when it got too cold they had to move indoors. They have been stored all winter in some plastic crates and were looking a bit worse for wear due to poor light and cramped conditions.

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March in the garden.

It is the first of April and time to sum up the garden developments in March. We had a few lovely warm days but also some cold spells with rain and a few frosty nights. It has in many ways been an ideal gardening month and we planted a few things we still had in pots and moved around some of our perennial plants and grasses. Hear is our main circle in March, still looking a bit drab but teaming with life.

march 017

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