Kitchen makeover.

kitchen island 017

We have long been wishing for more storage space in our tiny kitchen. For three years it has been a struggle to fit our groceries into the limited amount of drawers and cupboards. When we moved our dinner table into our new extension, we were left with some space in the kitchen and decided to build a small island with a worktop and lots of storage. We found a base cabinet in IKEA with four pull out drawers, big enough to accommodate tins and jars.

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Stone circle revisited.


summer 2014 354

Last year we made some improvements to our main garden circle. Around the edge we have many half-moon shaped borders and the lawn bit in the middle kept spreading into them and made it very tedious to weed. So we decided to make a stone border all around the circle to combat that problem and get an edge that is easy to mow at the same time. You can read all about it here. It has worked very well apart from one small problem. After we set the stones in cement we used hypertufa as an infill between them. Sadly the mixture was not strong enough and over the year most of it has crumbled away.  Grass and weeds have taken hold between the stones. We needed to do something about this before the new growing season as the problem would have gotten completely out of hand.

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