LED there be light.

led 048

We are nearing the completion of our extension build. As we did not want to have too many electrical sockets and light switches in there we thought about other possible solutions for lighting our new home. Our search took us to the IKEA website and we were happy to find that all the lights and light bulbs sold in the IKEA store in Dublin now are LED. For our new built in sofa we put up three spotlights with rechargeable batteries and LED bulbs. When you press them lightly they light up for 30 minutes or if you would like to turn them off before that you only need to press them again. They should be able to light up that space for twenty years using very little electricity and needing no wiring.

led 032

We have been sceptical about the use of LED lights in candle shape as we thought they would feel artificial but as we now have a large young dog in the house, in many places real candles are not an option anymore. So we went ahead and bought a few block candles that can be used with rechargeable batteries and a few small tea-lights. When we tried them out we were happily surprised at how real they looked, giving off a warm flickering light. They are actually so convincing that the urge to blow them out before leaving the room, has been there on several occasions.

led 027

We now have the option to use them everywhere and anywhere, while being kind to the environment. They use very little electricity and are designed to last for up to twenty years. The rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 500 times. There are no worries about putting them to close to the ceiling or walls, curtains or other flammable materials. The dog and any kids about can knock them over and they can be forgotten without any risk. We do believe real candles still are a magical and beautiful addition to our home, but only in the right place.

led 029

Because of all these beautiful and practical solutions, we only need one wired in light in the middle of the ceiling that will also have an LED bulb, so it will be very energy efficient. There are now an incredible amount of LED fairy lights available, for use at Christmas or all throughout the year. They are very safe as they do not heat up so can be placed close to fabrics and plastics. Many of them can be used with rechargeable batteries and cause minimal impact on the environment. LED really is an excellent invention, revolutionising the way we can use light in our homes.

led 046

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