The even greener dream.

september-morning-040We are very excited to present to you the new, updated version of our blog. The aim is to make it more readable, easier to navigate and hopefully a more visually pleasing experience. There will be a few weeks of ongoing transition work happening. We never realized that a “read more line” could be added to each blog posts so that you only see the first few lines of it. We will add these lines to all of our old posts over the coming weeks, creating a more user friendly blog. We will also slowly add pages filled with information about our forest garden and ecologically friendly building practices.

Possibly also a bit more background information on our philosophies and more tips and tricks you can adapt to suit your lifestyle and help you live a greener, healthier and happier life.


For now enjoy the blog and let us know what you think. Any criticism or praise would be most welcome! The sun is shining on us this glorious late September day and we are headed for the garden and some planting…

Hope all your greener dreams come true!


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