Another year.

It is almost time to close the door on another year in our little cottage. We are so happy to be able to live a simple life in the countryside, grow more and more of our own food and spend time in close connection with the soil. It is very gratifying to see the soil slowly improving as we add more organic matter to it. Our trees create their own mulch now and the land is changing into a very exciting place. Where there was only a field of creeping buttercups, we now have a multitude of useful plants and a wildlife haven.


This past year we have built our conservatory and even though it has been a slow process due to injury, we now have a lovely place to grow some tender plants and crops. We have also made improvements to most of the rooms in the cottage and the only room left to work on is the kitchen. It has a low ceiling at the minute and we wish to raise it up to create more storage space with some shelves and maybe have room for an extractor fan. It is a project for the New Year. We are also planning to put some windows into the shed, at the moment it is a dark and damp space but we hope to improve it and turn it into a workshop with storage room.

In this post we wish to reflect on the last year with a photo from each month.You can click on the blue links to read more about what we have been up to.

In January we started work on the land in preparation for our conservatory. You can read about it here and here .


In February we decorated Josie’s room much to her delight. You can read all about it here.


In March we did some work on our elemental circle. Stone circle revisited.


In April we celebrated natures abundance with all the fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden and fresh eggs from a neighbour’s ducks and chickens.


In May we were amused and thrilled by the amount of wildlife in our garden.


In June we did a lot of painting.


In July we had some lovely visitors.


In August we went camping in Wales.


In September we loved the colours and harvested apples.


In October our harvest continued and we spent time working on the conservatory.


In November we had the most beautiful frosty weather.


In December we planted up our indoor succulent garden.


We are now welcoming all the exciting possibilities in the New Year. We hope you will continue to follow our journey here on thegreenerdream. Happy New Year!

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