Halloween fun.

Today we would like to just share a few pictures with you. Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused and enjoy the simple things in life. We are still in the middle of rebuilding three of our rooms and the house is very chaotic. Because we are building we have not been able to spend time in the garden either. So it is a bit chaotic out there as well. It is easy to feel stuck, bogged down and feel that things are not moving on as fast as you would like.

halloween makeup 008

Today we are forgetting about all that and only spending time on doing things we like. We have made toffee apples from our own apples and carrot cake. We are putting on some cool makeup. We are planning to go to the small bonfire in the Ballaghaderreen Community Garden tonight. We are delighted that our garden is full of apples, pears, vegetables and berries still. We are grateful for our friends and for being part of the multicultural community that is Ballaghaderreen.

halloween 079

halloween 005

halloween 008

alana 002

halloween makeup 021

We hope you are safe, warm and happy wherever you are.  We hope you can spend time with the ones you love, doing things you like. After all, that is what life is really about.

halloween 024

halloween 006

halloween 046

One thought on “Halloween fun.

  • I love the facepaints – you all look great! And I especially love the idea of benign neglect of the garden.. that’s one thing I’m good at! Sarah

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