Cherry blossom in snow.

dsc00075 (2)

For the second time in the six years we have lived in our cottage, we woke today to miraculous beauty.

Snow had fallen slowly and silently all through the still night and each branch, seed-head and leaf was covered in a soft blanket.

dsc00030 (2)

The dark branches of our hawthorn bonsai looked particularly striking against the white snow. As we took the path around the back of the conservatory we discovered more contrasting branches of various tree species.

dsc00007 (2)

dsc00034 (2)

dsc00023 (2)

To get a good view of the garden we clambered up onto the tyre wall around the back of our extension. The garden spread out below us looked utterly different to its usual self.

dsc00057 (2)

We descended and continued on down the path towards the river. Our hearts were lifted by the colours of our prayer flags, frozen and snow covered.  In the white landscape they stood out as a reminder of warm summer days filled with the buzzing of bees and melodious birdsong.

dsc00135 (2)

The dragon claw willow arch looked beautiful in the increasing light and we walked through it down towards the pond. Ice was just about formed on the surface.

dsc00150 (2)

dsc00155 (2)

Across the stream all was quiet and we admired the beauty all around, our tall larch trees, the view of our roundhouse gazebo and the blue bridge crossing the fast flowing water.

dsc00196 (2)

dsc00190 (2)

dsc00160 (2)

Cold was starting to get the better of toes and fingers at this stage so we reluctantly made our way back towards the house. That was when we discovered the most beautiful wonder of the day.

dsc00268 (2)

Our winter flowering cherry tree was covered in blossom embedded in soft clouds of snow. The pink of the blossom and buds, the darkness of the branches and the pure white snow made for a breath-taking combination.

dsc00274 (2)

dsc00266 (2)

Close to the house hunkered under a table one of our young cats was resting after discovering the great white wonder of snow for the first time.

dsc00252 (2)

We slipped back inside to steaming cups of hot coffee. As we are writing this, the sun has come out and all the fleeting beauty will soon have vanished into wet muddy puddles. We are very grateful for our early morning reminder of nature’s enchanting beauty.

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6 thoughts on “Cherry blossom in snow.

      • I have seen snow only a few times. When we drove to Oklahoma at the end of 2012, I was terrified that the incoming weather would overtake us; which it did. It started snowing by the time we got to Arizona, but the snow was so dry that I did no turn the windshield wipers on for quite a while. I just did not think of it. The snow was just sliding off the windshield. By the time I thought about turning the windshield wipers on, it was time to stop for the night. It snowed that night, but that was the end of it for the trip.

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  • How truly beautiful it all is, so different from what we are experiencing. The flowering cherry photos remind me of coconut ice!


    • Thank you Jane. It was so beautiful this morning but now it is all gone. More snow is promised for the next few days though. I hear you are having a very hot spell. I hope it will cool down soon and that your lovely garden is doing alright.


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