A year of memories.

The year of 2019 has come to an end on the land and we wish to summarise it like we usually do, with a photo from each month. It is a huge privilege to live in close proximity with the natural word and we would like to celebrate that here with a photographic journey through the year from the small patch of earth that we are guardians of.

DSC00038 (2)

In January the little people were bracing themselves against the cold of winter.


DSC00458 (2)

In February the cherry tree was covered in blossoms.


DSC00669 (2)

In March the daffodils welcomed early pollinators.

DSC01089 (2)

In April the magnolia was just stunning.


DSC01464 (2)

In May the stone garden looked just beautiful.



In June the willowdome received some much needed attention.


DSC02302 (3)

In July the garden was alive with the sound of buzzing insects.



In August the land was full of colours.



In September the butterflies were everywhere.



In October the colours turned.



In November the blueberries were ripe.



In December the cat was dreaming of warm summer days.


We are now more than a week into January and already the light is returning and the spring bulbs are pushing  up their bright green shoots. We are so much looking forward to what the new year might have in store. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!






2 thoughts on “A year of memories.

  • What a lovely way to remember the year, watching your patch change and bloom through the seasons is a precious thing indeed. Happy New Year – hoping 2020 will be full of natural beauty, fresh produce, new and exciting challenges and many more happy memories. 🙂

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    • Yes it is a lovely reminder of warmer times at this dark time of year. I was out there for 4 hours today and we have dandelions and blue cornflowers flowering. Many of the shrubs still have green leaves. In many ways it does not relly feel like winter at all this year. Wishing you a green and happy year as well. 🙂

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