Ginger lily

Five years ago we bought two ginger lily tubers. We planted them in our unheated conservatory and since then they have been throwing up a couple of leaves every year but no flowers. Imagine our excitement when we saw this a couple of weeks ago.

We went to collect forty lovely irish mountain sheep fleeces from a friend today and when we got back home and had unloaded them we collapsed into the armchairs with our cups of tea.

We were leafing through a book about art nouveau and found a picture of a lily. It was a lovely exotic looking yellow flower and we remembered our own lily.

This was the sights that met our eyes as we raised our gaze and i am not kidding when I tell you our mouths fell open.

This wonder flower is about as tall as a winebottle placed on a five foot stalk.

When seen up close the colours are dazzlingly brilliant.

It was worth the five year wait. We will now sit in its shadow, sipping a lovely hawthorn gin and tonic and enjoying the sweet ginger lily perfume wafting through the air. There is a Swedish saying; “If you wait for something good, you can never wait too long”. We think that applies in this case. To further our delight we have found another three buds!

7 thoughts on “Ginger lily

  • These are some of the flowers I miss from my little bit of time in the Los Angeles region. There are some here, but they are neither as variable nor as popular. I get the impression that they are not quite as fragrant either.


    • I had no idea how nice they would smell! Every morning for the last while, when we have stepped into our conservatory we have been met with a cloud of scent. We do have a red leaved variety as well but it was only planted last year and has some tiny buds at the moment. I wonder if the flower will be yellow or some other colour. I hope you are far away from the fires by the way.

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