Building our sustainable home.

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Over the last few years we have extended our old cottage, built a conservatory and are now in the process of renovating and improving our shed to use as a workshop and storage facility. Our aim is for our buildings to have as little negative impact as possible on the environment. We have used reclaimed windows and doors, local stones and slabs, old car tyres, glass bottles and jars, broken and discarded tiles out of skips and countless other useful recycled materials.

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The aim of this blog is to inspire others to build and garden in sustainable ways with whatever is at hand locally. It is very satisfying to create or improve your own living space and at the same time look after the earth. You can adapt many materials to suit your personal style and taste and end up living in a highly creative and personal space. We like colours, flowing lines and spirals but you can easily adapt the techniques to suit your personal preference.

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You can find useful information in the various categories for your own projects. There are many step by step instructions for creating glass bottle walls, mosaic floors, a living roof gazebo, a reciprocal roof structure and a retaining tyre wall among others.

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It is important to look into local planning law and in Ireland we are lucky as an existing property can be extended with a 40 square meter extension without planning permission as long as certain rules and regulations are followed. Laws and rules might be very different in your country or area.

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If you wish to contact us with any questions we can be reached through thegreenerdream Face book page.