Leap and bounce.


leap 002

This time of year it is easy to feel a bit jaded and tired. There are lots of colds and flu’s moving around and quite a few rainy days. We felt it was time for a vitamin injection into our daily lives. About a week ago we went out and bought a high power smoothie mixer and we are so glad we did. Since then we have had so much fun, making up recipes for tasty and energy packed juices and smoothies. It has made all of us feel more energetic and happy. This type of mixer is different from a juicer in that it makes a drink from all the parts of the fruit or vegetable you put in. It crushes seeds, nuts, berries and peels into a smooth drink. We have been experimenting with adding things like; almonds, kale, avocado, hemp seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, frozen berries from the garden, apricot kernels, dried mulberries and sunflower seeds. The list of possible ingredients is endless. If you add seeds, berries and nuts that are dried it is good to soak then for a while before mixing for an even smoother drink.

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