Wonderful distractions in spring


We are hard at work putting the finishing touches to our complete bathroom renovation. We will soon write a couple of posts here about it so you can see our new mosaics, our living roof and bottle walls. Maybe it was unwise to choose to do this renovation at this time of year as the garden is a constant distraction. It is not easy to toil away for hours attaching tiny tiles to a design or smoothing cement around the bottles in the wall when all the joys of spring are right on our doorstep. When we tore ourselves away from the work for a few precious moments today we managed to spot the first peacock butterfly, the first swallow and the first newt of the year as well as all the beautiful colours, shapes and wonders in the following images.  We are happy to be at the finishing stages of our renovations as we will be able to spend some more time in the garden soon, where even weeding is a happy task at this time of year.

Katsura tree

Katsura tree


Irish primrose Claddagh

Japanese maple

Japanese acer orange dream




Pieris forest flame


Amelanchier Canadensis


Pulmonaria Lungwort

bog garden

Bog garden


Purple sprouting broccoli


Pear blossom


Berries to be

2 thoughts on “Wonderful distractions in spring

  • Love this time of year also..renewal,promise of fresh and new life ,the world again gives us another chance to see its beauty and diversity and hopefully the penny will drop and we will really SEE it and love and protect it…

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