A cherished day.

Last year in July we had the privilege and joy to share our home and garden with some long anticipated visitors. You can read all about that visit in this post. Josie is a member of our family that is 18 years old and autistic. For about six years she has been attending an outreach service where she spends time with other young people with additional needs. Together they cook, go to the cinema, go horseback riding and do many other things.

drum and dreads 045

A whole year has now past and it was time to welcome these very special guests to our home and garden once more.

garden july 008

Since the weather was very hot we decided to do the drum and percussion session in the gazeboo, with our friend and neighbour, Debbie of Rúach Rhythms. She is an excellent drumming and rhythm facilitator.

drum and dreads 036

The girls enjoyed the hour we spent playing music together all while the stream gurgled away and birds were singing next to the gazebo. We all took turns making our own little solos on the drums, listening to each other and going back to the main beat between each person. All girls who wished also had a play on the Balafon, a traditional African instrument with a lovely sound. We all joined in some singing as well.

drum and dreads 002

drum and dreads 020

drum and dreads 031

After the music we all gathered in our willow dome and had some things to eat. It was lovely to sit in the dappled shade of the willow branches, drink something cool and enjoy the company. Our other teenage daughters had baked cupcakes and joined in for the picnic. After a little while we all had to stop eating and look up as a baby Robin landed in the branches above us and started to sing.

drum and dreads 043

drum and dreads 038

After that Alex, Alana and Josie took some time to walk the group of guests around the garden, visiting enchanted places, trying out peas in the vegetable plot and swinging in the seats under the tree house.

garden july 021

garden july 024

garden july 002

amnesty open day 105

It is lovely to share our garden and home with other people and Josie was very happy to have her own special guests for the day. We are hoping to see all the girls back in our garden again next year. It is turning out to be a very calming and therapeutic place and it was a joy to see all the girls relax and enjoy themselves for the afternoon.

amnesty open day 086

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