Instant dreadlocks

You might be a bit like us. We like to have fun and go to the odd festival or gathering. When attending such an event it is nice to get in the spirit of things. Maybe wear something that you would not normally wear. Put on some special makeup or face paint.

drum and dreads 109

We admire people who have the courage to dye their hair green or purple, people who have dreadlocks, piercings and tattoos.  But due to work and school commitments we can’t really commit to such drastic forms of body art. We also like to use natural hair treatments and try to avoid anything with lots of chemicals.

drum and dreads 130

So this post is all about how you can look fabulous for a day and then return effortlessly to your own usual self in minutes.

drum and dreads 151

We have always liked wet felting and this is a very easy way to try it out and a good beginner’s project for any would be felt maker.

drum and dreads 047

You start out with some wool roving or wool tops that can be easily bought online, in a shop or made from your own wool if you prefer. You can have fun dying your wool with plants or other dyes, the possibilities are endless.

drum and dreads 050

We added some lovely multicoloured wool yarn to our dreads for a nice effect. You can also add smaller amounts of fibres like silk and cotton but they will not felt together very well. Pure wool is the best.

Start off by arranging the fibres in bunches in the colours you like. You can make them long or short but bear in mind they will be folded in half at the next step.

drum and dreads 052

Use a tray to hold some hot water and soap up your hands well. Wet one bunch of wool and roll it between your hands to fuse the fibres together adding more soap as you go. Repeat this until you have a nice number of dreads.

drum and dreads 055

When you are happy with the result, rinse in more water and let dry.

drum and dreads 069

Arrange all your dreads around a hair-elastic, maybe keeping one or two back if you like to add them to plaits in your hair.

drum and dreads 079

drum and dreads 080

drum and dreads 085

Have fun with arranging your hair and add the hair elastic around a bun or ponytail for an instant festival feeling. This is a fun and easy way to brighten up your appearance and safe for children and people who might be allergic to chemical hair-dyes.


drum and dreads 096

drum and dreads 123

drum and dreads 155

drum and dreads 107

drum and dreads 143

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