A look back at November.

We had our first frosts in November and now the land is really settling into some winter rest. Plants grow very slowly if at all and many annuals have withered and collapsed.

late november 054

We have had another month of working mainly in the house so the land has been left to its own devises. It is fascinating to see how our decision to start all the planting when we moved in five years ago, is having a major impact on our land today. Even though we have only spent a handful of days in the garden this past three months, the land looks great, all the trees and shrubs are big enough to fend for themselves and the ground covering plants are somewhat established and able to outcompete lesser wanted species like the creeping buttercup and silverweed.

late november 069

late november 066

We are planning to harvest kale and oca tubers over the winter but all the rest of the vegetable beds will get a thick mulch of first cardboard and then sheep’s wool and wood chips. This should work as a weed suppressant and make planting in spring and early summer easy. We never dig our beds as we do not wish to disturb the complex soil balance.

late november 045

Our main circle is a lovely place to be as it balances out all the densely planted areas in the garden and acts as a calming and reflective space. We took this month’s pictures on a frosty, late November morning.

late november 049


late november 051


late november 053


late november 048


We are hoping to get some time over the next few weeks for removing brambles, weaving more willow fences and plant supports and of course for harvesting what is still growing. We will also concentrate on staying calm and centred throughout December that can be a stressful month with many commitments. Here on the blog we will write about ways to unwind and relax with a recipe for “Dark times spice mixture” to boost your immune system and a description on how to make your own rose bath salt with oils that sooth and benefit the skin. We are wishing you all a calm, enjoyable and beautiful month ahead.

late november 063

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