Rose bath salt.

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We have many outdoor tasks to perform all year around and at the end of a particularly cold day it is lovely to soak in a warm bath and feel the whole body relax and rejuvenate. We like to use natural and chemical free products in the bathroom and wish to share our favourite bath salt recipe with you all here. We have been making bath salts for years and like to add different herbs and oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Hemp.

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Earlier in the summer we dried lots of calendula flowers in our dehydrator and used them to make infused extra virgin olive oil. The beneficial plant oils from the calendula slowly released into the carrier oil and after a few weeks we sieved and bottled the finished oil. It is now perfect for use in our bath salt as calendula is antibacterial, antifungal and anti inflammatory thus excellent for healing cuts, grazes and improving various skin conditions.

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To make a nice quantity that can be given as gifts as well as be used by you start off with 750g of salt. We like to use Himalayan coarse pink salt. Add about 180 ml of oil and stir well. We used calendula infused olive oil but it can be any oil you like such as Rapeseed, Avocado, Hemp, Sunflower or Sesame.

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We are planning to dry a lot of rose petals and buds when our roses really take off and flower abundantly but until then we make do with dried Rose Tea Buds, from the local Syrian shop. Add 60g to the mix and stir well. The oil will soak into the dry rose buds gradually so for the first couple of weeks it is good to turn your mixture over a few times so the oil collected it the bottom of the jar can move about. To finish it off add as many drops of Pure Rose oil to the mix as you wish, from your local health food shop or pharmacy.

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Store the finished salt mixture in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.

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To use add two or three tablespoons to your bath, swirl it around and let yourself be transported to a place of pure bliss and harmony. Both your body and your mind will benefit from the healing properties of the Rose and the Calendula.

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It is also excellent to use this mixture in a foot bath, preferably in combination with a comfortable chair, a blanket and a cup of tea.


750g salt

180ml oil

60g dried Rose buds

Rose essential oil

The end product is economical and contains exactly what you have put in without any unnecessary additives and chemicals. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

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