The Global Awakening.

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We have had a very busy, but incredibly rewarding weekend. On Friday we went along when three of our teenagers took the bus to Dublin with a friend to take part in the School Climate Strike. It was an incredible feeling to stand in the middle of the energetic, roaring, chanting crowd of the future. We have to admit to a lump in the throat and misty eyes as the eleven thousand students marched through the streets demanding an end to greed and profit being put above survival of the planet on the political agenda. This movement was started last year by Greta Thunberg, a remarkable young woman from Sweden who is now nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Please listen to her TED talk if you have a moment.

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What made the day even more special was the fact that the Dublin march was only one of many. Worldwide, well over one million students took part in the global climate strike. We came back home in the evening feeling humbled, hopeful and proud of a generation that demand action.

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Today is St. Patrick’s Day and we had helped put together a float for the Community Garden. We took part in the Parade in Ballaghaderreen and were happy to receive a price for the most colourful float. It was so much fun walking along with the crowd cheering and clapping, children waving and adults smiling at our Bee and Daffodil costumes. We handed out lots of leaflets and now we are looking forward to more members of the community coming along and taking part in our beautiful communal space.

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The weekend has left us with a feeling of joy. It is possible for positive change to happen. We can all do our bit when it comes to changing habits, using fewer resources and finding creative ways to move forward. We are firm believers in building a strong local community, inspiring people to work together, plant food and engage in local activities. People before profit.

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The younger generation is showing the way and we should all follow.

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