The Forest Garden.

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We were delighted to find that a friend had posted this excellent video from National Geographic on Facebook recently. It showcases the work of Martin Crawford, a Forest Garden pioneer and a huge inspiration to us for the last eight years.

We believe that natural, diverse food producing systems like Martins’ is the only way forward. The days of monocultures, pesticides and industrial farming are well and truly over. Climate change will force us all to farm and garden in a different way, incorporating a huge variety of plants for food, fuel, soil health and supporting wildlife.

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By mimicking young woodland all of these plants can thrive and the land can become more resilient to floods, drought, storms and other frequently occurring events.

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Large trees, smaller trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, fungi, root crops and vines can all be included and we can also incorporate annual vegetables on part of the land, in raised no dig beds.


Pear tree and raised beds mulched with cardboard.

We are now about six years into the establishment of our Forest Garden and we have harvested huge amounts of fruit, berries, herbs, tubers and vegetables every year since the start.




An added bonus is the beauty present in this type of garden. Nature covers every bare surface with ferns, moss, wildflowers and lichen. We mulch around plants as they are developing but apart from that nature is allowed to take its course and the results are stunning.

DSC00931 (2)


The land is never quiet, wildlife is ever present and it is a true blessing to be a part of this wonderful process.

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You can read more about our fruiting trees in this post and about the Forest Garden in late summer here.


At the moment the land is clothed in blossom and everything is bursting with energy. Planning and co-creating a Forest Garden is one of the most positive things we have ever done. Nature is the real creator here and if you look and listen carefully you will be truly amazed by the power present.

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