Spring Colour.

DSC01029 (2)

People often talk about beautiful autumn colours. We think it is time to celebrate all the colours of spring as well. Although they are not as fiery and bold as the autumn colours, they fill the land with their own special energy. Light green, white, blue and pink is dotted across the landscape.

DSC01089 (2)

DSC01033 (2)

Spring is the time of rebirth and it is lovely to see how all the plants bursts back into life after the restful, slower and colder months.

DSC00965 (2)

At the moment we have beautiful pear and apple blossom on some of our trees.

DSC01050 (2)


Others have particularly beguiling colours on their unfurling leaves.

DSC01060 (2)

DSC01078 (2)

DSC01040 (2)

Spring flowers are everywhere, filling our senses with joy and delight. We have tried to no avail to photograph the peacock and the orange tip butterflies but they never pause long enough on a flower it seems, at least not when we have the camera handy.


In our conservatory the succulents are bouncing back after the cold months, some of them sending up flower stalks and slowly increasing in size with new small rosettes around the perimeter.

DSC00921 (2)

We love all the different colours and shapes in the covered rockery area of the conservatory. We find it is the only way to grow these types of plants in Ireland as most of them can cope with the winter cold but not the dampness of growing outside.

DSC00923 (2)

DSC00924 (2)

Our fuschia is coming back to life in the conservatory; bringing some much needed colour to our morning cups of coffee moments.

DSC00917 (2)

In the autumn our much loved rowan tree blew down in a storm.  We are breaking up the twigs for kindling at the moment and were delighted that some branches had flowerbuds and leaves opening up despite having been disconnected from the tree roots for many months. We brought a few in as a celebration of the trees long life and to see its leaves and flowers one last time.Last year our Mum/Grandmum/Mother in Law crocheted the lovely cotton decorations for us and we found them most fitting for the blossoming branches.

DSC00951 (2)

DSC00953 (2)

Colourful wishes for a great week from us to you!

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