Pink Wonders.

Six years ago in the spring we planted two Japanese tree peonies outside the front door. One had a white flower that first year and has not had any since. The other one has never flowered so it was with great joy we discovered three buds on it earlier this spring.

DSC01069 (2)

There is a Swedish saying “If you wait for something good, you can never wait too long”. We think it applies in this case. In the last couple of days one of the buds has burst open, revealing a lovely red centre surrounded by yellow stamens and the most delicate pink petals. We think it was definitely worth the wait. The second bud is just unfurling and the third one is still closely shut.



We have to admit that pink has never been our favourite colour but for some reason, this last week we have pink flowers showing up everywhere.


Our climbing rose in the conservatory has opened its first flower of the year and outside the pink sea thrift is colonizing the stones in our rockery.

DSC01246 (2)


A walk around the garden revealed many more pink wonders and we thought you might enjoy looking at them too.





DSC01171 (2)

For some unknown reason pink is growing on us now. Nature never stops to surprise and delight us.



3 thoughts on “Pink Wonders.

  • Goodness, that is a lot for someone who is none too keen on pink. When I lived in town, most of the front garden bloomed in yellow and orange, and orange is certainly not my favorite. It just happened to look good on the building.

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    • Sometimes you just have to adjust to what is there. Orange is not my favorite either but it can look nice in the right setting. Thankfully there are lots of blue flowers in the garden now. They are much easier on the eyes I think.

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