Celebrating the Colours of July


We went outside to capture a few of the beautiful colours to be found in the garden at this time of year. We do not belive that you can have too much colour and we never plan any colour schemes. Most plants are allowed to selfseed, mingle and grow to their hearts content.



Often beauty and colour can be found in the details of single leaves and parts of flowers.





Colours have the power to enhance your mood, lift your spirit and make you smile on a grey and rainy day.


A friend gave us some wall brackets for pots and they were slightly tired looking and rusty. We wire-brushed them, added some spray paint and painted the flowers with nail varnish.



It was fun to take inspiration from all the flowers found in the garden at this time of year. For the middle of each flower we used some vintage buttons.





We will use them with terracotta pots on our porch for storing all our small garden tools and items like secateurs, trowels, string and labels. It is such a nice feeling when you can personalise something old and give it a new lease of life.


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