Creative flow.

Sometimes days and weeks are filled with lots of smaller projects and tasks. Because our cottage is very small and up until recently there were six of us living here, all the teenagers had their own spaces but the adults had to sleep in a loft bed in the main living area.  Now when two members of the family have gone off to college, we are really quite excited to finally, after nearly seven years, be getting a bedroom to call our own. We painted two walls in a shade called wild mulberry and added three flower lamps left over from when our daughter Josie moved into her new space. Surely they can’t be just for kids?


Josie picked the wall paper in her new room herself and we have to say it really suits her fun and sparkly personality. It is only on one wall though as too much of a good thing might simply be too much?



To complement the colours of the wallpaper we have started to knit a blanket that will be great for snuggling up in with a good book or film. It has lots of shades of green and a few flashes of colour resembling the exotic birds. Josie is very pleased with her new space.



We are also harvesting apples every day and drying them for apple rings for the coming months. Despite the late frosts in the spring our espaliers are thankfully weighed down with fruit.



The only boy in the family also got a makeover of his space in the last week and we have finally replaced his flimsy horrible bedroom door with a nice pine one that we stained white and gave a couple of layers of wax.


Now we only need to move all our clothes and other stuff from the former loft bed area and sort out the new music section of the living area that will house all the different instruments. Come to think of it there is also the kitchen extractor fan to put in, which requires the whole kitchen ceiling to be raised and insulated…

and then there is the porch area outside the back door that needs a tiled floor and shelves and pegs for gardening tools…

The house needs painting on the outside.

And we don’t even want to think about the shed that one day is (hopefully) destined to be a hobby and sewing room but is now full of stuff that the girls did not need in college.

It looks like we might be busy for some time.


Thankfully we managed to squeeze in a little time for moving and repotting a few plants. Relaxing in the nicest way possible, apart perhaps from butterfly spotting, another one of our absolute favourite pastimes…





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