High Summer on the land

We usually write a post at the start of each month, summarizing what has happen on the land and sharing a few pictures. Our camera gave up the ghost sometime in June and since then we have been using a phone for taking photos. Unfortunately there have been a lot of hiccups with uploading them to any posts and we have had to try to work around this problem. That is the biggest reason we did not post much in the last couple of months. We have hopefully found a system that works now and will post on a more regular basis.

In July and August the land was very generous and the seeds we planted in spring grew and supplied us with a bountiful harvest. All our perennial plants have also been great and we had more berries than any other year. This year we have also spent a lot of time harvesting herbs and other plants for drying and using in mixes for teas. We wrote a post recently with a few of our favourite mixes and their benefits.  

Around our main circle we have admired and cherished all the colours, smells and sounds. As you probably all agree this year has been very different from most and the land has supported and nurtured us through these unchartered times and kept us from falling into despair. What can be more calming and reassuring than resting your senses in nature.

We never got the chance to finish writing this post earlier as uploading the photos kept on being a problem but now we have worked around it and wish to share these pictures of sunnier days with you. It was a glorious summer despite the strange circumstances.

Please feel free to share some photos from your special summer in the comments if you like.

5 thoughts on “High Summer on the land

  • What a beautiful dose of summer to brighten a dark October morning! Yes, the healing power of nature has been so important through this strange year and I feel very blessed to have a precious space like you to spend time in. Hope that you are staying safe and well.

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    • Hi Lis, so nice to hear from you! I am very busy with college, the Fine Art course is brilliant but we have lots of online lectures so the screen time is seriously adding up. Sadly not much time for the blog. I am planning to post some stuff over the Christmas break. We are all well and safe. I hope you are too. There is a lockdown here but you are allowed to be in a family bubble so I can go home at the weekends for some much needed time in nature . I can’t wait to have time to read some of your beautiful writing. You are always an inspiration. 🙂

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