A cherished day.

Snowdrops 230

Recently I had the pleasure of venturing out on a trip with a friend to the beautiful  Bellefield house and gardens, located close to Birr in County Offaly.  We arrived around noon, in the brilliant spring sunshine to a world quite far removed from our home County’s of Mayo and North West Roscommon. Bees and bumblebees were buzzing around, the birds were singing in all the trees and the ground was carpeted in exquisite snowdrops and cyclamen.

Snowdrops 083

The walled garden has been lovingly restored by designer Angela Jupe, and boasts over 100 varieties of snowdrops. We walked around slowly, taking in the paths with classic clipped box balls at the intersections, the beautiful old trees and a large collection of hellebores, flowering all around us.

Snowdrops 129

Snowdrops 075

Snowdrops 126

Snowdrops 128

Some beautiful striking blue irises tinkled up at us, planted amongst other groundcover plants.

Snowdrops 039

Snowdrops 044

In the middle of the garden stands the folly with its old windows and whimsical decorations. We particularly liked the incorporation of the many recycled components in the garden, making it sustainable and giving it an air of days gone by.

Snowdrops 120

Snowdrops 172

Snowdrops 176

We walked down some steps towards a paved area with long borders flanking a pond and a large glasshouse that sits at the far end.  This part of the garden is partitioned off by a beautiful and immaculately clipped yew hedge.

Snowdrops 045

Snowdrops 168

Snowdrops 150

Snowdrops 152

Snowdrops 156

We could only imagine how beautiful this area must be later in the year, with climbers all across the old walls and the many perennial plants and grasses.We admired the beautiful red gates leading into this part of the lands.

Snowdrops 140

We strolled around the whole garden once more and admired the many witch hazels (hamamelis), violas and ferns. Everything was much further along than back home in our own gardens and we think this is probably because of the enclosed space but also the fact that we had journeyed quite a bit to the south in the country. It felt as though the two hour’s drive had removed us to a completely different time of the year. For a while we were basking in the still warm spring air and it was a beautiful feeling.

Snowdrops 122

Snowdrops 053

Venturing out of the walled garden, we walked around the main house and moved on to a woodland area close by. Here the ground was carpeted in more exquisite spring blossoms and bumble bees were buzzing around us, but sadly we did not manage to catch any of them on camera.

Snowdrops 194

Snowdrops 209

We came away from the garden feeling inspired, filled with a promise of spring and ready to tackle our own garden tasks with renewed vigour. It is always lovely to visit someone else’s garden and get a glimpse into that person’s vision and imagination. In this case we can truly recommend a visit as Angela Jupe has transformed the old place into something truly stunning. We know we will be back later in the year when the garden is open to visitors on a regular basis.

Snowdrops 239

Snowdrops 238

 You can read more about Angela Jupe and Bellefield house, garden and cottages HERE on their website.

Snowdrops 233



8 thoughts on “A cherished day.

  • What is the ‘folly’?
    When Brent or I encounter one of those odd looking pump houses or utility closets that look rather out of place, we sometimes say, ‘That’s where they put the bad kids.’ Don’t ask why.

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    • A folly is a small building built just for decoration. It serves no real purpose but is built to enhance the landscape. A small summer house or Gazebo cam be called a folly. Sometimes it is bigger and meant to look like a ruin of an old castle or church. A common feature on British estates. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is a nice folly! My outhouse was not that fancy! (Although, it did happen to be built on top of a hollow redwood stump with a hole that went about twelve feet down. My shower was built inside of another redwood stump.)

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  • Thanks for the tour! I’ve been thinking how much I’d love the chance to visit Ireland for the special snowdrops events and now I almost feel like I have been. The creamy coloured hellebore looks wonderful too.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hi I have just found your beautiful blog. I am a great fan of Angela Jupe and I really enjoyed your beautiful pics of her garden .Thank you so much !
    I really appreciate your philosophy of treading lightly and recycling and we endeavor to live that way
    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Fiona. I’m happy that you found the blog and enjoyed the post and pictures of Angela Jupe’s garden as well as our overall philosophy. It is lovely to get a bit of feedback on your writing!


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