Gratitude for another year.

As we now have past the winter solstice, it is time to look back, remember and be thankful for all that the year brought.


In January we made our own homemade candles and pottered about in the garden.

February brought huge contrasts with a sun filled day spent visiting a magical garden where the bumble bees were already busy at work…

  …and also experiencing the most beautiful snow we had ever seen covering our own place in a thick blanket.

In March we travelled to Sweden and visited our roots.

April brought lovely weather and we helped our friend the blacksmith to bring some light into his forge.

May was the month when we visited paradise on earth.

In June we spent a magical day on the lake and in the forest.

July was very busy with organizing our open garden day for Amnesty and also travelling to a different garden with a green perspective.

August was spent harvesting mostly and in September we preserved a lot of our homegrown wonders.

October saw us take the first short holiday for many years, when we travelled down to West Cork for three memorable days filled with mist, rain and magic.

In November we remembered a few curious incidents and in December we decided to take part in the yearly garden bird survey.

old pics 184


All in all it has been a most beautiful year and we are blessed to be living in the West of Ireland surrounded by plants, animals and beautiful people.

We hope that your new year will be filled with light, love, friendship and joy.

Blessed be.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude for another year.

  • Thanks for your collection of beautiful photos, Maria. I liked the counting of your blessings very much: it’s a positive way of remembering your year. Best of all (though it’s hard to choose a ‘best’) I liked the photo at near the end of the sunlight streaming onto the flowers- Astilbes I think. Best wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year.

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    • Hello Jane. I’m glad you liked the photo collection. The sun was shining on our bog garden next to the pond in July. They are indeed astillbes. I really like them and they seem to like our soil. Wishing you a great Christmas as well and a happy new year. ☺


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