Forces of Nature.

I have missed this space so much. In the last year I have embarked on a Fine Art degree and because of that, the greener dream blog has been largely idle. As the first year of my course is drawing to a close I thought it would be nice to post a few pictures here from a project I am working on at the moment for Digital Lens Based Media. 

I wanted to merge my love for the elemental forces of nature with photography and I hope the results are enjoyable.

Air. A fierce storm or a gentle breeze.  The never ending movement of change. Seeds carried on the wind.

Fire. The warmth from the sun and the rising energy. The land springing to life after winters cold. Rays comforting our tired and bleak faces, gently awakening all that has been asleep.

Water. A fast flowing stream or a light rain. Early morning mist and the moist trickles that awaken seeds.

Earth. Our roots. The ground that carries and sustains us. A myriad of life coexisting and evolving. 

I find it fascinating to think about how the elements all complement and each other and bring forth life. It was so much fun trying to capture this using photography.  Thanks to Paul for taking all the images.

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